Your Invitation to Find Beauty in the Everyday, Week 4

Week 4 of 365 Days of Beauty comes late to you. When I started this project, I knew there would be challenges. Well, the reason for the delay in week 4 was our beautiful anniversary staycation. The reasons for the delay in the following weeks, as you will find out, were not so beautiful. Anyway, here’s week 4 of 365 Days of Beauty — sharing the beauty in my every day with you and inviting you to stop long enough to see the beauty in yours.

Day 21 — Divine Nectar 2

The morning of our 17th wedding anniversary was…

Your Invitation to Find Beauty in the Everyday, Week 3

Day 15 — And Yet

This morning I had to put my learnings from meditation into practice. I needed to stop, note, and have gratitude.

I had gone to bed frustrated last night. A video call with my mother had left me feeling both helpless and useless in tackling her needs, and we both missed one another since she immigrated 19 months ago.

I wanted to visit a friend at the hospital after the surgery she’d had the day before, but I had to stay at home to personally receive the delivery of my laptop. …

Your Invitation to Find Beauty in the Everyday, Week 2

Day 8 Peacock!

Mars trumped the city lights with its brilliance this morning. While the urban treasures shimmered bright in the distance, Mars twinkled a subtle, confident, alluring orange, and continued to hold my attention. As I gazed at it fading against the light of day, for a moment, it seemed the crickets chorused and the birds sang in celebration of its beauty. When I looked up next, I could no longer see it.

Later that morning while making breakfast, I realized I hadn’t had avocado in a long time, partly because I’m conflicted about eating them after watching…

Your Invitation to Find Beauty in Your Everyday, Week 1

Day 0 — I Swim in Equinox

I turned 43 last week.

The beginning of another rotation for me around our star coincided with the beginning of another season on our planet, for it was the September equinox the day before my birthday; that is when the sun’s rays are directly over the equator and day and night are almost equal in length. It happens again in March.

The September equinox signals the beginning of spring in the southern hemisphere and the beginning of autumn in the northern hemisphere, where I am. …

It’s Father’s Day today.

As I wrote in a previous piece, New Year’s Eve, Ten Years Later, I am not one for marking moments that are meaningless to me, so I have no place for New Year’s Eve or Valentine’s Day, and though I love celebrating birthdays and anniversaries, I’ve struggled with accepting days that are prescribed by others for the rest of the world to mark, but today I make the exception for Father’s Day.

The conditions of the universe were such that I was born to loving, doting parents. I had a charmed childhood. Golden days in the…

You would think death is the ultimate closure. Especially when you were expecting it. Especially if there was nothing left unsaid. Especially if there was always love.

But I don’t know if there is closure with death. Even if you were expecting it. Even if there was nothing left unsaid. Even if there was always love.

Especially because there was always love.

My father passed away 10 years ago on this day after the prostate cancer he’d had for nine years finally metastasized and stopped responding to chemotherapy after 18 months. …

We don’t mark the New Year, my husband and I. Growing up, it was more about Christmas, which, being Armenian, we celebrated on the eve of January 5th, so instead of opening our presents on December 25th or waiting till January 6th, it became our family’s tradition to open them on New Year’s Day.

I don’t remember big NYE celebrations with the family until well into my final years at high school. The holiday and its consumer-driven extravagance had reached Dubai in the early to mid-nineties. Still, as a family, it was about the joy of togetherness, so our celebrations…

For as long as she lived in the UAE, my mother grew plants. Our living room was a veritable forest with a cornucopia of indoor potted plants and creepers, and the balcony burst with the fragrance of reyhaan (Middle Eastern basil) and the bright pink and white shades of bougainvillea. She had les pouces verts, the floral version of the Midas touch — every plant she touched flourished.

This continued when we moved apartments and more recently when she immigrated to the US. …

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